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With Love, From “Who’s the Ross?”

sexy hottie babe dancer Xmas Valentine's stripper Portland PDX "Who's the Ross?" live performance comedian comedy late-night talk show funny hot

The fellas of “Who’s the Ross?” love to bring the SEXY! 

Whether it’s our host singing improvised love songs, writer Mikey Turina giving a scantily clad lap dance, or announcer Rob Ems searching for that special someone online, we often enjoy sharing our soft side (and HARD side) on stage. Here’s some of our favorite sexy clips from the show, plus a brand-new dating video for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of the love lorn Rob Ems AKA The Free Throw Guy!


training wheels tv pilot premiere portland pdx oregon film industry diy comedy comedian late-night talk show live performance sketch improv

Ladies and gentlemen… the pilot episode of Training Wheels; a comedy-series created by Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, in conjunction with filmmaker Tyler Bertram.

In the grande tradition of Seinfeld, Training Wheels opens up with live comedy (the filming of a local, late-night talk show) and is a show about nothing, in our case, focused on people with nothing: two broke-ass man-child looking to achieve DIY greatness in the comedic arts.

We are really proud of what we have created here with our friends and the talented actors/musicians of Portland, Oregon. We look to create many more episode to come, and hope you enjoy!