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The Wizard of Rozz – Show Preview

Who's the Ross? - Wizard of Rozz at Dante's - show preview - Portland comedy


There’s No Place Like Dante’s…There’s No Place Like Dante’s…

After a month of Tuesdays performing at The Kit Kat Club, “Who’s the Ross?” returns HOME to Dante’s to present a musical (community theater style) opening called “The Wizard of Rozz!” Click your heels together and join us for a terrific guest line-up that includes…

VURSATYL of legendary PDX hip-hop crew THE LIFESAVAS, performing tunes from his critically-acclaimed new album Crooked Straights w/ THEM! THE BAND!

PDX Personality (fellow Wilson High graduate & talk show host) BOAZ FRANKEL, from the PEDAL POWERED TALK SHOW!

And BOBBY MICKEY, stand-up comedian from Austin, TX, + the original WTR co-host!

TUE, JUNE 2, 10pm live from Dante’s (3 SW Burnside). $3 at the door. 

Kit Kat Club Residency – Show Notes

Who's the Ross? at the Kit Kat Club


The month of May found Who’s the Ross? on a half-block road trip across the street to The Kit Kat Club. A world famous dance club, the Kit Kat featured a litany of nightly challenges, and an equal amount of pleasant surprises. Each show found a lot of success with larger guest line-ups (a comedian, celebrity & musical guest each program), and the looser the program was, the better. Being flexible was important (as it is in comedy AND dancing), as we played from two different separate stages: THEM! THE BAND! located on the back stage, and myself – the host, performing in the round on the main stage (complete with a stripper pole right in the middle).

The best part of our time performing away from our home at Dante’s, was that it gave the newer actors and writer’s on our staff a chance to feel what it was like to tour. Even though it was only a half a block away from our usual Tuesday night residency, the Kit Kat gave as many challenges, if not more, than a road gig would. Different load-in time, different staff assisting you (bar, sound, etc – in this case “etc” was 6-8 dancers), and a different audience. 8 years after my first (solo) comedy tour from the West Coast, to East, and back, I got to relive that touring experience with our biggest WTR crew yet. It was exciting (and exhausting) to share this experience with my team…but hey, that’s the road life, baby!

-Aaron Ross