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WHO’S the ROSS? – Halloween Spooktacular!!!

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Everyday is Halloween in Portland, Oregon, as men look like they’ve just come back from the Civil War, with their long beards, disheveled vintage clothes & malnourished look in their eyes, while the women look like they’ve just joined the circus and are heading to an 80’s dance party!

But OCT. 31 bringing our an even weirder version of the city that “keeps it weird” and over the past couple years “WHO’S the ROSS?” has presented some of the best Halloween entertainment the Rose City has to offer, including our fantastic fear-inducing friends from FrightTown! Here is a re-cap of our last couple Halloween shows, as we prepare for our first show that will actually be ON Halloween at Dante’s, this Tuesday!


"Al Gore Memorial High School" comedy comedian actor acting Portland PDX funny one-man show performance Body Vox Aaron Ross

PORTLAND, prepare yourself in for an interactive adventure mixing together improv & sketch comedy together, as actor/comedian AARON ROSS transforms into TWELVE progressively more absurd, and absurdly more progressive characters at “AL GORE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL!”

Class is in session FRIDAY OCT 27, NOV, 3, 10, & 17 @ BODY VOX, as you’ll be introduced to PC-PE Class, a Socialist Student-Body President, Migos-inspired inspirational flows from a rapping Guidance Counselor, last-second prom dates, Spanish/Home-Ec/Sex-ED taught all at once due to budget cuts, and a principal who parties harder than you do! And Ross won’t be alone at AGMHS, because his high-wire improvisational act will play directly off the audience, some of whom will join him on stage as “students.”

A 15 year comedy veteran in the Rose City, Ross can be seen weekly at Dante’s with his late-night talk show “WHO’S the ROSS?” as the host of the touring rock & roll kids show ”YOU WHO!” and as PICKATHON’s comedy correspondent.

AGMHS is directed by actor/musician BRIAN ADRIAN KOCH (Blitzen Trapper, PCS’s “Wild & Reckless”), who Ross met in his very first improv class at Portland State University, back in 2002.

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AL GORE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Friday OCT 27, Nov 3, 10, 17 @ Body Vox Studio (1201 NW 17th Ave) 9pm, $10 for 10 characters.

Meet each of the students, teacher & faculty from AL GORE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Class of 2017…