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“Ladies Night!” Watch the FULL EPISODE!!!

Who's the Ross? Aaron Ross comedian comedy Portland PDX late-night talk show JoAnn Schinderle Stag PDX Tera Zarra strongwoman Laura Palmer's Death Parade

First off, I am proud to use this post to showcase the first ever FULL EPISODE of “Who’s the Ross?” presented online! While it is not uncut, each guest and segment on the show is represented in nine different video clips, in order of when they were performed that evening.

Filmed September 8, 2015 live from Dante’s in downtown Portland, the “Ladies Night” episode featured an extraordinary lineup of very talented guests, including strong women Tera Zarra, comedian JoAnn Schinderle, musical guest Laura Palmer’s Death Parade, & the male dancers of Stag PDX!

Quoted by co-writer Jordan Paladino as his “favorite show of the year” this episode fired on all cylinders, from top to bottom, supported by a particularly energetic and responsive audience.

Below are a series of photos from the show by Brian Whitney, followed by the videos. We hope you enjoy!




Sweet Success of Six Hundred

Bud Wilson Aan Aaron Ross Who's the Ross Portland PDX music comedy comedian late-night talk show 600

Show #600 was exactly what I wanted it to be.

Such success is a rare thing when celebrating a landmark: expectations are high, ambition makes things too bloated, and the celebration often takes over, muddying the content. (see: getting too drunk)

But not this time… this show, we were on point!!! And it was in no small part thanks to an amazing group effort by the entire staff. Everyone on the program was dialed in, well prepared, and brought a light-hearted focus that helped us present one of the best shows we’ve ever done…and considering we’ve done 600 of ’em, that’s saying a lot!

Our guests brought the raucous too! Indeed it was an ambitious line-up, 5 guests in all…but I felt that every segment was well thought out, properly executed, and always ended on a high note (the biggest lesson you learn after hosting 600 shows is how to keep your finger on the pulse of a bit, knowing when to press the eject button on a good OR bad piece, in order to do what’s best for the show as a whole).

The top highlight of the evening had to be be former NBA player/Blazers radio announcer Antonio Harvey announcing his run for President of the United States (!) AND asking yours truly if I would be his Running Mate!!! (I put the VICE in Vice President!) Pairing him with our good friend Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt (on at least his 12th appearance) was comedic/handsome gold! The actors who played supplementary characters during their interview as Donald Trump (Jordan Paladino) & a British Jogger (Caws Pobi playing the very literal “running mate”) also brought down the house, bringing Tone to tears!

Musical guest Bud Wilson, from one of my favorite PDX bands Aan, had one of our finest musical performances as well, perfectly backed by the phenomenal THEM! THE BAND! Adding an appearance by my version of Andy Kaufman, And And And frontman Nathan Baumgartner, was a extra treat! That insanely talented dude had me cracking up as usual (love that man’s character work + improv!).

Closing with a performance by the gorgeous and talented Sandria Dore was just the cherry on the sundae.

Topping it all off (sprinkles?) we had a packed crowd of devoted fans + a gaggle of newbies, thanks to an interview I had done the day before KGW News Channel 8 (link below). Someone later told me they had never seen the show AND the audience so connected, so well supporting each other’s effort. That’s maybe the best compliment we could ever receive, because we are nothing without the synergy of our audience, and that day we ALL rocked to 11!

-Aaron Ross

Photos by Brian Whitney