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WHO’S the ROSS? “Inauguration (not so) Special!” – FULL EPISODE

"Who's the Ross?" whos the ross Aaron PDX Portland comedy comedian late-night talk show Dante's Trump pinata

A Rapper, Contortionist & Cat Cafe Owners walk into a bar….

…And help the audience of PDX’s weekly late-night talk show deal with the country’s new regime.

That was the plot/guest lineup for the January 17, 2017 edition of “WHO’S the ROSS?” as we looked to ease the pain of our patrons, whose minds were on evil orange leaders + their bumbling/baffling cabinets choices.

PDX hip-hop emcee Bocha brought an effortless performance to stage, despite 2/3 the house-band backing him receiving his songs within hours of joining him on stage, acrobat/contortionist Meg Russell graced the stage & sky in front of it feat a high-flying trapeze performance (followed up with many bendy surprises), and the owners of one of Portland’s most Portlandy things “Purrington’s Cat Cafe” stopped by (despite snow closing their business earlier in the day) to talk about adopting kittens while enjoying a pint of beer (or cup of coffee).

Below are the results, handpicked + edited for your viewing pleasure! ENJOY!

WHO’S the ROSS? “Female Empowerment Special” FULL EPISODE

Who's the Ross? comedy comedian live Portland PDX Aaron Ross host late-night talk show Dante'sA Master Distiller, Pole Acrobat, & Rapper step into a bar…and are interviewed on Portland’s weekly late-night talk show…

WHO’S the ROSS? “Female Empowerment Special” featured a all-lady lineup; showcasing Burnside Bourbon’s master distiller Mel Heim who proved she could whip up wicked spirits AND jokes, pole dancer/Sinferno staple Lark who presented her acrobatic AND baking skills, then there was rapper Karma Rivera who brought one of the most hype performances our stage AND audience has ever seen!

Rivera, shined so bright on this night that she had the crowd on their feet, and was so inspired by performing with a live band, that word is she is working with a set of musicians to bring her music to stage accompanied by a full backing band.

Cheers to these empowered ladies! And now you too can see what our eyes saw live at Dante’s, Feb. 28, 2017, via the videos below…