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WHO’S the ROSS? “Female Empowerment Special” FULL EPISODE

Who's the Ross? comedy comedian live Portland PDX Aaron Ross host late-night talk show Dante'sA Master Distiller, Pole Acrobat, & Rapper step into a bar…and are interviewed on Portland’s weekly late-night talk show…

WHO’S the ROSS? “Female Empowerment Special” featured a all-lady lineup; showcasing Burnside Bourbon’s master distiller Mel Heim who proved she could whip up wicked spirits AND jokes, pole dancer/Sinferno staple Lark who presented her acrobatic AND baking skills, then there was rapper Karma Rivera who brought one of the most hype performances our stage AND audience has ever seen!

Rivera, shined so bright on this night that she had the crowd on their feet, and was so inspired by performing with a live band, that word is she is working with a set of musicians to bring her music to stage accompanied by a full backing band.

Cheers to these empowered ladies! And now you too can see what our eyes saw live at Dante’s, Feb. 28, 2017, via the videos below…

“Future Special” w/ Sandria Dore, Amanda Stunts + Sheers – FULL EPISODE

Who's the Ross? Rosstradamus Aaron Ross Portland PDX comedy comedian talk show Dante's

Some of our favorite guests dropped by WHO’S the ROSS? for our first show of 2017, as we looked to…….THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!

Sinferno stallworths Amanda Warren + Sandria Dore showcased their talents, taught our host some new ones, and discussed what the new year had in store for them (moving back from Detroit & having a baby named Houston).

Paired with fantastic/first-time musical guest Sheers, the evening’s festivities were a sign of good things to come for audiences at PDX’s weekly late-night talk show.

Enjoy the FULL EPISODE, via the videos below…