Al Gore Memorial High School – The Street Video Collection

Aaron Ross comedian Portland PDX actor one-man show character comedy humor funny Michael Starfinder sketch improv Nick B hip-hop rap

“AL GORE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL” – the one-man comedy show by Aaron Ross, presented a series of live characters, all inhabiting a very progressive faux-high school. Between characters, these five videos were shown to allow for costume changes, but also to keep the show briskly moving forward (and to knock the character total up to a dozen!).

Most of these segments were shot in public, mostly improvising off the unsuspecting, to hilarious results.

Now they are all yours…from a blind student who spots his most-beloved celebrities on the streets of Portland, to a blowhard EDucational speaker that wants into your home, a substitute that has a truly unique World Record, an old-school British dog trainer, and then finally a total (literal) dick!

Hope you enjoy them as much as audiences did during the four-week run of AGMHS!


WHO’S the ROSS? – Halloween Spooktacular!!!

FrightTown Fright Town haunted house whos the ross Aaron PDX portland comedy comedian funny interview talk show live improv

Everyday is Halloween in Portland, Oregon, as men look like they’ve just come back from the Civil War, with their long beards, disheveled vintage clothes & malnourished look in their eyes, while the women look like they’ve just joined the circus and are heading to an 80’s dance party!

But OCT. 31 bringing our an even weirder version of the city that “keeps it weird” and over the past couple years “WHO’S the ROSS?” has presented some of the best Halloween entertainment the Rose City has to offer, including our fantastic fear-inducing friends from FrightTown! Here is a re-cap of our last couple Halloween shows, as we prepare for our first show that will actually be ON Halloween at Dante’s, this Tuesday!