SE PDX No Excuses Show – Show Preview

The Liquor Store Portland comedy Who's the Ross? Aaron Ross

Who’s the Ross? returns to Portland’s “Best New Bar” The Liquor Store  for another “No Excuses Show” this Saturday at 8pm! It’s early, it’s on the weekend, and it’s on the precious eastside…so there are no excuses for not letting us entertain you, my friend!

Saturday’s show is our “Summer Camp Special” as we unveil our retreat called “Wet Hack American Bummer” featuring hip counselors, group WACKtivities, and the kind of special guests you wish you had back in the day!

Featuring an Interview with Niki Sprauer & her critters from Rose City Hedgehogs!

The Curators of the PECULIARIUM MUSEUM complete with samples of their “Bug Sundae!”

Plus Special WTR House-Band, a Super-Group led by Nathan Baumgartner of And And And, featuring Justin Chase of Rare Diagram & Aubrey Debauchery!

Here’s a couple clips from our last show at The Liquor Store, featuring Nate + PDX DJ Extraordinaire Rev Shines…

Jordan’s Bday Bash – Show Notes


We all know which birthdays are symbolically important, and will be remembered for those reasons. 13 is your bar mitzvah, 16 you can drive (NOT ME THOUGH), 18 you can vote, and 21 you can drink. From there it seems like year and year is mostly just leading you to 30, 40, 50, etc. That’s what made Tuesday July 7, 2015 so special for me. It was my 26th birthday.

I was under orders to stay away from Dante’s until 10:30PM, so I met up with my friends John and Sue (sponsors, producers, and art department extraordinaire power couple) for a beer an hour before showtime. I had a few beers then was in the door at Dante’s shortly before the host of Who’s The Ross? (Aaron Ross) hit the stage.

The first thing that really felt different about the show was the view. I never sit in the audience, so it was sort of surreal. The stage looks a lot bigger, and all the graphics and streamers and signs really fill out the show and make it all look more authentic. During the monologue (which I wrote nothing of, which is more surreality) I was called on stage. From there it’s all a wonderful, friendship filled, funny blur.

We saw what Who’s The Ross? would look like without the presence of yours truly. Some of the characters I’ve played over the years made appearances, including Hack Nicholson, Bulk Hogan, Rob Ford, Johnny Cash, and The Gluten FREEk!There was a dating game (sponsored by the lovely Nuestra Cocina), an amazing musical performance from (my close friend and one of the best local acts in Portland) Nature Thief, various lap dances, and a surprise reunion set from my rap group Hoyt Latte.

I didn’t know any of this would happen, and it was such a special feeling. To know how much the people you care about and love value you is an overpowering piece of knowledge. My friends really love me, and I really love them.

-Jordan Paladino

Post Thumbnail by Tom Chamberlain

Show Photos by Brian Whitney