WHO’S the ROSS? “700th Show Special!” – Wildest Moments…

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700 SHOWS!!!!!!!!

People ask, “How’d you do it?!”

I say, “I’m addicted to it AND we haven’t been fired!” (which is a half truth, we haven’t been fired recently)

Along the way, we’ve seen the show grow; taking several forms, evolving & improving year by year.

9 years, as a matter of fact!

So this Tuesday, June 27 at Dante’s we celebrate the BIG 700 presented by Do503, feat some of our favorite musical guests: Nathan Baumgartner of And And And, Rasheed Jamal, Maze Koroma, Emma Browne, & Tony Ozier from the Doo Doo Funk All-Stars! 

And now, we reflect on the wilder times, which keep on coming…as some things never change. Here are WHO’S the ROSS? TOP 10 WILDEST MOMENTS (that were captured on film):



“WHO’S the ROSS?” feat Dave’s Killer Bread Founder + KPTV’S Marja Martinez

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WHO’S the ROSS? last show before their longest PDX hiatus in 5 years, featured the return of one of our favorite guests + a lovely first timer, who flipped the table on our host before the show…

The evening started as we spoke to news/weather reporter Marja Martinez of KPTV FOX12, who had filmed her own interview segment with “The Ross” before the show. The tables turned on Marja! Marja! Marja! on the Dante’s stage when she provided a light-hearted, flip flop wearing chat (complete with “Salt Bae” cameo).

Next, we put our sketch comedy hats back on, as our regular WTR contributor Caws Pobi played “beer buffoon” Jacksun Sunjack to hilarious results, as he + an audience member sampled his (surprisingly “not terrible”) brews.

Finally Dave Dahl did his first live interview in years, as he and Ross didn’t miss a step when they enjoyed an improvised (“yes and” laden) psychoanalysis of the Killer Bread founder, closing the night in classic fashion by donning a guitar and kickin’ out the jams with our house-band (after all, Dave is a Beard AND Blues Master).

Now, take a peak at the results of WTR EP. 698, and join us again at Dante’s every Tuesday this Summer, starting June 20 for show #699!