WHO’S the ROSS? EP 679 w/ Chef Andrew Garrett, Yafe Aros & KPTV’S Brian MacMillan

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A Chef, Rapper, and Weatherman walk into a bar…and guest on PDX’s Weekly Late-Night Talk Show…

January 24, 2017 was WHO’S the ROSS? “Super Bowl Special” and it was nothing but a TOUCHDOWN, as Chef Andrew Garrett from NW Elixirs helped us sample some hot-hot-hot sauces, KPTV meteorologist Brian MacMillan covered the recent ice-cold Snowpocalypse, and Yafe Aros made a big splash with his first musical guest appearance on the program bring the fresh beats & thoughtful rhymes.

Here are the top moments from this show, that’ll have you raising your arms saying “IT’S GOOD!” 

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