The Team

Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is an actor/comedian/talk show host from Portland, Oregon. Aside from hosting 600 episodes of WTR in the past 7 years, Ross is the host of the “You Who?” rock n roll children’s show, a man on the street reporter for the Pickathon Music Festival, has performed at SXSW from 2013-2015, and has been […]

Jordan Paladino

Jordan Paladino is a writer, actor, and instigator on “Who’s The Ross?”. He likes basketball, rap music, and annoying his longtime friend/boss, Aaron Ross. In addition to being an MC(rapper) he has also emcee’d at the Pickathon Music Festival annually since 2013. Paladino hopes to one day not live with parents.

Andy Clark

Andy Clark is a writer, actor, and generally in charge of putting up the sign at Who’s the Ross. When not working on the show he can be found performing stand up comedy at various open mics around the city. He’s known for his crowd work, one liners, and trying to convince the audience yelling […]

JP Downer

JP Downer is the Bandleader and bassist for the “Who’s The Ross?” house band, THEM! THE BAND! While not on stage with Aaron and the crew, he can be found playing with various bands around Portland, as well as on the road. Turn-ons: podcasts, Vietnamese food, journeys of discovery. Turn-offs: inconsiderate people, mayonnaise, the band […]

Tony Lintz

I play drums & I have a background in drumming. Matter of fact, I was just playing drums the other day! My main objective is to make it funky, cause I got soul & and I’m super bad. Well anyways, that’s what the lady told me in the check-out line! (Insert rim-shot!)