4th of July Spectacular – Show Notes


We all see what’s on the stage, that’s the point of the show. What the audience doesn’t see is what happens behind the curtain. The greenroom at “Who’s The Ross?” is perhaps the most fascinating locale in Portland. Where else are you going to see actors, writers, dancers, makeup artists, artists, and musicians scurry together towards the same thing? A collective with an identical goal. In one corner THEM! THE BAND! are figuring out how to play “Firework” by Katy Perry, in another corner Aaron is getting his makeup done by the lovely (birthday girl!) Sara Brown, John Paul is pasting white paper over the photocopied faces of The Decemberists, and Andy and I are coming up with a five minute sketch piece for Mayor McCheese and Guy Fieri to fill in for the late scratched Vancouver mayor, Tim Leavitt.

Sure some things don’t always go right, but when you’re doing a live show and there’s some 15 or so moving parts, something will go wrong, it’s (Eddie) Murphy’s Law. A good show leaves you with a very fulfilled feeling, and Tuesday’s show definitely had that. From the minute the audience sang along with (in my opinion the greatest song of all time) “The Star Spangled Banner”, I knew we were on to something special.

The guests were all great too. Eyelids brought an energy and level of professionalism to their musical set and interview that only a couple of seasoned vets could. Radical Russ Belville and his infinite marijuana knowledge are always appreciated and welcome. I’m happy to see his hard work pay off, and I’m happy to see the Who’s The Ross? crew’s hard work pay off too.

-Jordan Paladino

All photos by Tom Chamberlain:

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