WHO’S the ROSS? “700th Show Special!” – Wildest Moments…

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700 SHOWS!!!!!!!!

People ask, “How’d you do it?!”

I say, “I’m addicted to it AND we haven’t been fired!” (which is a half truth, we haven’t been fired recently)

Along the way, we’ve seen the show grow; taking several forms, evolving & improving year by year.

9 years, as a matter of fact!

So this Tuesday, June 27 at Dante’s we celebrate the BIG 700 presented by Do503, feat some of our favorite musical guests: Nathan Baumgartner of And And And, Rasheed Jamal, Maze Koroma, Emma Browne, & Tony Ozier from the Doo Doo Funk All-Stars! 

And now, we reflect on the wilder times, which keep on coming…as some things never change. Here are WHO’S the ROSS? TOP 10 WILDEST MOMENTS (that were captured on film):



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