Al Gore Memorial High School – A One-Man Comedy Experience by Aaron Ross

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Twelve Characters that are Progressively More Absurd and Absurdly More Progressive!

“AGMHS feels like ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ come to life! Aaron Ross is like the energizer bunny of stamina on stage as he transforms into 12 different hilariously flawed yet endearing characters, who are 100% identifiable, and highlight the sweet-hearted ridiculousness of the PNW. Five Stars!”JoAnn Schinderle, Comedian

“Funny, sad, revealing, embarrassing, everything you’d want from a show. Wince inducing in a completely intentional way. He earned the standing ovation he received.”Shannon Wheeler, New Yorker Cartoonist

“Not only is Aaron’s one-man show a hilarious display of genius level talent, it shows how much depth he has an actor and comic.”Rasheed Jamal, Hip-Hop Artist

“I loved the show! Very entertaining, funny, and sometimes touching. Please see AGMHS! It’s much, much funnier than Al Gore.”Ken Jones, KBOO Radio


PORTLAND, OR – Class is back in session when actor/comedian Aaron Ross transforms into TWELVE progressively more absurd and absurdly more progressive characters for a revival of “AL GORE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL!”

Prepare yourself for a one-man show featuring an all-inclusive PC-PE workout, a rapping Guidance Counselor’s Migos-inspired inspirational flows, Spanish + Home-Ec + Sex-ED taught all at once due to budget cuts, heart-warming prom date proposals, and a Socialist Student Body President + Party Principal who have their own definitions of “LIT!” And Ross won’t be alone at AGMHS, because his high-wire improvisational act directly works off the audience, some of whom will become students and join him on stage.

Dates & Time: Feb 1, 2, 8, 9, 10pm

Venue: Imago Theatre (17 SE 8th Ave)


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