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So many rapper, so many rap names. The more rappers, the more abstract, bizarre & often hilarious the rap names become. This movement gave great fodder to WHO’S the ROSS? late-night talk show, and inspired our classic rap-name quiz-game “RAPPER/NOT RAPPER” by far the #1 Contest on our program.

From it’s humble roots at Dante’s in Portland, to the Pickathon Music Festival, to El Cid in Ross Angeles, the game continues to grow in popularity. And now, you can play along with rap legends like OPEN MIKE EAGLE, SHABAZZ PALACES, SLIMKID3 & FATLIP Formerly of The Pharcyde, DJ NU-MARK, from Jurassic 5, ILLA J, BURT BLACKARACH, 2MEX, MIC CAPES, RASHEED JAMAL, BOCHA, YOUNG ONASSIS, TONY OZIER, and Many More!

And as a bonus, enjoy a classic RAPPER/NOT RAPPER done on location at the 2015 Pickathon Music Festival, with Seattle Hip-Hop Luminaries, SHABAZZ PALACES!

S/O Jordan Paladino for his writing contributions.

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