Can You Believe We’ve Done 600 Shows???

Who's the Ross Portland PDX comedy late-night talk show Dante's comedian

…I can’t.

It’s been 7+ years now of doing a brand-new show almost every week, sometimes 3-4 a week.

And it all began as a one-off idea, thanks to this man…

That one-off spawned a 5 week tour, and that experience propelled us into a Tuesday night residency at Dante’s in June 2008.

After 300 shows, I split for Los Angeles on New Years Day 2012 for greener (or in the case of LA, browner) pastures, only to find myself back in PDX that Fall performing every Thu-Sat at The Crystal Hotel, something we did for a full year.

Of course this was all done as my alter-ego Ed Forman, a libidinous lover of laughing and living, who EDspired a generation…

But it wasn’t until after some real soul searching (and therapy) that I decided to take off the mask and perform as myself. April of 2014, Who’s the Ross? was born! Here’s a highlight reel of the first performance baring my family name…

And now, here we are, 600 shows! Back at Dante’s, still on Tuesday night’s, but only after a serious evolution, one I am very proud of. Even if I don’t make it out of Portland, if I don’t make it big, we can always say we did it our way, and had a prolific run. And to that, I raise a glass (of non-alcoholic champagne) and toast to 600!

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