The End of an Era…The End of an Aaron… FINALE…For Now, Eh?  4 Years of Tuesdays Entertaining Portland (preceded by 4 more years of Tuesdays) comes to a close FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 @ DANTE’S as “WHO’S the ROSS?” prepares to take its talents down south. GRAB YOUR TICKETS HERE!!!!! Not as much Goodbye, as it is a Hello to his inevitable […]

Come on down to the FINAL TUESDAY NIGHT performance of Portland’s weekly late-night talk show “WHO’S the ROSS?” February 13 at Dante’s and show some love to PDX’s King of Late-Night as we present our “Valentine’s Special!”  Featuring a Lovely Guest Lineup of Classic Guests, including Legendary Hip-Hop MC Vursatyl + a Couples Performance from Afterglow […]

Hollywood, California has the Oscar’s! The Hollywood District in Portland, Oregon has THE ROSSCAR’S!  And this Tuesday, we’re wrestling the award shows from the elites, and bringing them to the streets (3rd & Burnside to be exact) for the 2018 ROSSCAR Award Cermony, honoring excellence during this week’s episode of “WHO’S the ROSS?” late-night talk […]

When America gave us its worst, we did the best we could… After a year under Agent Orange, it’s hard to look back at the shit show that was 2017. Generations removed from The Cold War, segregation, and white supremacists shouting in the streets, a Reality TV Star attempted to destroy the work of our […]

Twelve Characters that are Progressively More Absurd and Absurdly More Progressive! “AGMHS feels like ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ come to life! Aaron Ross is like the energizer bunny of stamina on stage as he transforms into 12 different hilariously flawed yet endearing characters, who are 100% identifiable, and highlight the sweet-hearted ridiculousness of the PNW. […]

“When America Gave Us Its Worst, We Did the Best We Could…” Tuesday, January 16, 9pm at Dante’s join Portland’s Weekly Late-Night Talk Show as we take a look back at the harrowing year that was under Agent Orange, while also looking forward to the demise of a President that makes George Bush look like […]

PARTY LIKE YOU JUST DID 700 SHOWS… 2017 was a milestone (and one-of-a-kind) year for Portland’s weekly late-night talk show, as WHO’S the ROSS? celebrated its 700th performance, endured a foot of snow mid-show, found its greatest muse in the local hip-hop scene, showcased a pair of talented septuagenarians (one which our host is related to), […]

Twas a few nights before Xmas, and all through the store, many a beauty was stirring, buying toys & much more… TATAS for TOYS 2017 found comedian Aaron Ross + PDX’s Finest North Pole Dancers raising $5,000 to benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. After delighting a packed house at Dante’s, the few, the proud, the nocturnal […]

  Goal Set/Goal Met! Portland’s Finest North Pole Dancers + Comedian Aaron Ross came together to raise $5,000, in order to purchase toys for all the girls & boys at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, during this year’s “TATAS for TOYS” benefit show! Dante’s was Full ‘O Holiday Cheer, Rear & Beer, as the dancers were a […]

Make It Reindeer with the Rose City’s Finest North Pole Dancers at the 7th Annual TATAS for TOYS, DEC 19 at DANTE’S! PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE!!!!! The 12 Baes of Xmas + Comedian Aaron Ross have partnered for the PARTY OF THE YEAR, as they aim to raise $5,000 to purchase presents for the kids at […]

“AL GORE MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL” – the one-man comedy show by Aaron Ross, presented a series of live characters, all inhabiting a very progressive faux-high school. Between characters, these five videos were shown to allow for costume changes, but also to keep the show briskly moving forward (and to knock the character total up to […]

Everyday is Halloween in Portland, Oregon, as men look like they’ve just come back from the Civil War, with their long beards, disheveled vintage clothes & malnourished look in their eyes, while the women look like they’ve just joined the circus and are heading to an 80’s dance party! But OCT. 31 bringing our an […]