Smashing Trumpkins, devilish drinking games, a Cat Rapper, and the one-and-only DEATH all made appearances on WHO’S the ROSS? “Halloween Spectacular!” It also happened to be, in a frightfully fortuitous fashion, our 666th show! A wild night, to celebrate one of the wildest holidays, our guests were MoShow the Cat Rapper + Casey Jarman, author of the […]

WHO’S the ROSS? has performed in a lot of different venues (bars, rock clubs, theaters) all across the country, but never before have we played YOUR BACKYARD! Thanks to Original New York Seltzer, WTR conducted an online contest to present our comedy show in the backyard of one lucky fan’s house! And the winner was…Jesse Wakeley! (truth be […]

WED, OCT 12 is the “WHO’S the ROSS?” “You Can’t Spell Portland without SPORTS Special,” 9PM at the STAR THEATER! Our championship lineup features the Portland Timbers Nat Borchers, former NFL Quarterback Joey Harrington, + an appearance from the monsters of Fright Town! For this very special show, we wanted to look back at how sports […]

Training Wheels is a Portland-based sitcom, following the escapades of comedians Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, as they search for success on stage…while struggling through “adult life.” Inspired by the real life of Ross & Paladino, Training Wheels’ stars are the creators of “WHO’S the ROSS?” a late-night talk show, presented just like their idols Letterman, Conan, & Colbert…but […]

Pigskin, Patriots, Puntin, and Passin…yeah, we had that… But FOOTBALL was just the jump-off to WHO’S the ROSS? episode 659, as we also had plenty Pickles, Puff Puff Passin, Pretty Models, and PDX Music too! Our diverse guest lineup featuring Seattle Model Sierra McKenzie, Portland hip-hop emcee Maze Koroma, & Austin Durant from the Oregon Fermentation […]

It’s amazing how social media can connect us …or how it can even book a talk show! Needless to say, I was impressed, when a fan’s tweet brought Grimm star Jacqueline Toboni to our stage, August 16. It all began, after her co-star Silas Mitchell Weir was on our program earlier this summer, and one of our […]

  A Jackass, a Model, and a Soul Singer walk into a bar… …AND GUEST ON A LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW! That’s the setup for this week’s episode (#656) of WHO’S the ROSS? featuring a terrific guest lineup that was not only great in name, but in execution too! Danger Ehren of Jackass TV/movie fame, LA model […]

Forget Netflix & Chill… It’s time to TRAINING WHEELS & CHILL, as you can now BINGE WATCH the first two episodes of this independent comedy series from Portland, Oregon, now available for free streaming! Get caught up on all the high jinx surrounding comedians Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, as they try to combat the arrested development […]

TRAINING WHEELS Episode 2 is finally here!!! Watch via the link below… Training Wheels is a Portland-based, independent web-series, created by Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino. Mixing the live comedy jump-off of Seinfeld & Louie, with the arrested development of Workaholics & Broad City, TW follows the exploits of comedy writing partners Ross & Paladino, as they […]

MAY 24, 9PM at THE STAR THEATER come watch the show about the show while watching the show…MEANING you can catch a full live episode of “Who’s the Ross?” AND the premiere of the 2nd episode of TRAINING WHEELS!  Training Wheels is a web-series that mixes the live comedy jump-off of Seinfeld & Louie with the arrested development of Workaholics […]

This past Spring, “Who’s the Ross?” hosted 7 different Portland mayoral hopefuls to compete in “The CandiDATING GAME!”  Politics + personality were front & center, as the live audiences at Dante’s and the city got to decide if they wanted engage in a “long-term relationship” with any of the candidates. Big thanks to David “The Ack” Ackerman, Sean Davis, […]

On March 19, 2016 during the SXSW Music Festival the BIG THREE united for the first time… Portland talk show host Aaron Ross brought 2-time Super Bowl Champion Aaron Ross + BMX Bike Legend Aaron Ross together for a sit-down interview. Sharing a namesake was far from the only thing that connected these three men […]