This past holiday season “Who’s the Ross?” and Portland’s finest strippers teamed up to raise almost $4,500 for the kids at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital with our annual “TATAS for TOYS” benefit! Not only did we acquire shopping cart, after shopping cart of toys for the tots (which you can see us buying in a video below) it […]

WHO’S THE ROSS? is excited to be partnering with online music magazine NEXT NORTHWEST to present a special episode of our late-night talk show Sunday, Mar 13 at 9pm when we head to SE PDX to turn Bunk Bar into HUNK BAR! Featuring TWO Musical Guests: Electro Pop-Rocker DANA BUOY + Hip-Hop Artist RASHEED JAMAL! Plus […]

Last week was one of the wildest episodes of Who’s the Ross? featuring an off-the-chain interview with the creators/stars of the Internet’s favorite fishing series “N.I.G.G.A.s on Da River!” The night also featured music from badass rockers The Hoons, and a disturbing side-show performance by Asimov Atomsmasher! Enjoy the pics and video below, shot with three cameras by Hiroki Sakegawa.  

The fellas of “Who’s the Ross?” love to bring the SEXY!  Whether it’s our host singing improvised love songs, writer Mikey Turina giving a scantily clad lap dance, or announcer Rob Ems searching for that special someone online, we often enjoy sharing our soft side (and HARD side) on stage. Here’s some of our favorite sexy […]

Ladies and gentlemen… the pilot episode of Training Wheels; a comedy-series created by Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, in conjunction with filmmaker Tyler Bertram. In the grande tradition of Seinfeld, Training Wheels opens up with live comedy (the filming of a local, late-night talk show) and is a show about nothing, in our case, focused on people […]

FEB 10, 9PM at the STAR THEATER, come witness the premiere of TRAINING WHEELS – a TV Pilot created by “Who’s the Ross?” writers Jordan Paladino & Aaron Ross. In collaboration with filmmaker Tyler Bertram, Training Wheels is a story about two broke-ass man-children looking to achieve greatness in the comedic arts. Similar to Seinfeld, each […]

These photos recap the 2015 “TATAS for TOYS” benefit, where Portland’s finest strippers joined the Rose City’s premier late-night talk show, and raised $4,500 to buy toys for the kiddos at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, this holiday season. It was a holly, jolly, sexy occasion…and these pics document the fun had by all…from the dancing, to live music, to auction […]

2015 was a landmark year for musical guests on Who’s the Ross? as 60+ local artists joined us live on stage, and collaborated with THEM! THE BAND! Featuring Matt Johnston (keys), Tony Lintz (drums), and JP Downer (bass/bandleader), THEM! THE BAND! is the best band in late-night! Regardless of TV money, or horn sections, or celebrities […]

December 23, 1:30am, a group of dancers, comedians & musicians from Portland, Oregon went on a $4,500 shopping spree to benefit the kids at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Hours earlier, the money was raised during TATAS for TOYS, an annual event hosted by comedian Aaron Ross, where a dozen of the Rose City’s finest strippers presented […]

(Photos by Tom Chamberlain) Nathan Baumgartner is funny. He is not a comedian. He is the singer for my favorite band in Portland, And And And. His songs feature witty, wry humor amidst dark, honest, revealing lyrics. This mixture crosses over into his performances on “Who’s the Ross?” In a little over a year, Nathan has been […]

  WHO’S THE ROSS? presents… The 5th Annual TATAS FOR TOYS benefit 13 Sexy Dancers, 1 Great Cause! Sure you get invited to a lot of holiday parties…but how many of those parties feature 13 strippers helping to raise money so that children in need receive new toys this holiday season??? JUST ONE! It’s called […]

How does each episode of Who’s the Ross? get booked??? Good question! For a local, AND WEEKLY, late-night talk show, I have been quite thrilled with our stacked guest lineups, of late. Almost 8 years in the game, we’ve certainly learned a thing or two about assembling the parts that make a quality presentation in only 7 days. […]