Each episode of “Who’s the Ross?” presents its own litany of challenges. This is because each episode is brand-new, meaning: new material, new guests, new props, new set-up, new music…and the list goes on. Add in a new venue, and things become even more challenging. In the past month, we’ve played an eclectic group of […]

Growing up in the 90’s, hip-hop was the soundtrack to my upbringing. Grunge was a phase, but hip-hop was forever. To this day, I still listen to The Pharcyde, a group who for my money, made two of the best rap albums of all-time. It was to my amazement that in 2011, I found out my […]

  Tuesday, June 16, Who’s the Ross? takes a 3 block field trip to the historic Star Theater, 9pm, for our “Beginning of Summer Spectacular!” Featuring our BIGGEST line-up of the year! NBA Player, Channing Frye from the Orlando Magic! Hip-Hop Artist, Rasheed Jamal! Land-Based Synchronized Swimmers, The Olivia Darlings! The Swimsuit Models of Amy […]

  5 minutes before I hit stage, already 10 minutes after when I was supposed to be on stage, I swear there couldn’t have been more than a dozen people at Dante’s. 90 degree weather + the Rose Festival couldn’t have helped, but this was going to be bad. My monologue was “yearbook superlatives” which were to be bestowed […]

With the school year coming to a close and the summer temperatures rising, it’s time for “Who’s the Ross?” to put a boot into the backside of your Finals and help you prep for Summer vacation with an exception line-up of new and familiar guests this Tuesday night at Dante’s! Fill your belly with Chef Andrew […]

  There’s no place like home! And home is Dante’s. For all of its idiosyncrasies, it’s the place where I cut my teeth, where I performed hundreds of shows since 2008. It’s got the best stage, best staff, and worst bathrooms. We love it! Being back after a month of performances at The Kit Kat Club gave […]

  There’s No Place Like Dante’s…There’s No Place Like Dante’s… After a month of Tuesdays performing at The Kit Kat Club, “Who’s the Ross?” returns HOME to Dante’s to present a musical (community theater style) opening called “The Wizard of Rozz!” Click your heels together and join us for a terrific guest line-up that includes… VURSATYL of legendary […]

  The month of May found Who’s the Ross? on a half-block road trip across the street to The Kit Kat Club. A world famous dance club, the Kit Kat featured a litany of nightly challenges, and an equal amount of pleasant surprises. Each show found a lot of success with larger guest line-ups (a […]