It’s amazing how social media can connect us …or how it can even book a talk show! Needless to say, I was impressed, when a fan’s tweet brought Grimm star Jacqueline Toboni to our stage, August 16. It all began, after her co-star Silas Mitchell Weir was on our program earlier this summer, and one of our […]

We all know which birthdays are symbolically important, and will be remembered for those reasons. 13 is your bar mitzvah, 16 you can drive (NOT ME THOUGH), 18 you can vote, and 21 you can drink. From there it seems like year and year is mostly just leading you to 30, 40, 50, etc. That’s […]

We all see what’s on the stage, that’s the point of the show. What the audience doesn’t see is what happens behind the curtain. The greenroom at “Who’s The Ross?” is perhaps the most fascinating locale in Portland. Where else are you going to see actors, writers, dancers, makeup artists, artists, and musicians scurry together […]

Each episode of “Who’s the Ross?” presents its own litany of challenges. This is because each episode is brand-new, meaning: new material, new guests, new props, new set-up, new music…and the list goes on. Add in a new venue, and things become even more challenging. In the past month, we’ve played an eclectic group of […]

  5 minutes before I hit stage, already 10 minutes after when I was supposed to be on stage, I swear there couldn’t have been more than a dozen people at Dante’s. 90 degree weather + the Rose Festival couldn’t have helped, but this was going to be bad. My monologue was “yearbook superlatives” which were to be bestowed […]

  There’s no place like home! And home is Dante’s. For all of its idiosyncrasies, it’s the place where I cut my teeth, where I performed hundreds of shows since 2008. It’s got the best stage, best staff, and worst bathrooms. We love it! Being back after a month of performances at The Kit Kat Club gave […]

  The month of May found Who’s the Ross? on a half-block road trip across the street to The Kit Kat Club. A world famous dance club, the Kit Kat featured a litany of nightly challenges, and an equal amount of pleasant surprises. Each show found a lot of success with larger guest line-ups (a […]