Training Wheels EP4 is here!!!! That’s right, this Portland comedy series starring local comedians Aaron Ross + Jordan Paladino, about their “adulating adventures,” has returned! “Family Matters” as Aaron’s Dad comes to visit, while Jordan gets his own taste of fatherhood. EP4 also features a cameo from Jackass star Danger Ehren + a musical montage w/ Justin Chase & […]

Training Wheels is a Portland-based sitcom, following the escapades of comedians Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, as they search for success on stage…while struggling through “adult life.” Inspired by the real life of Ross & Paladino, Training Wheels’ stars are the creators of “WHO’S the ROSS?” a late-night talk show, presented just like their idols Letterman, Conan, & Colbert…but […]

Forget Netflix & Chill… It’s time to TRAINING WHEELS & CHILL, as you can now BINGE WATCH the first two episodes of this independent comedy series from Portland, Oregon, now available for free streaming! Get caught up on all the high jinx surrounding comedians Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, as they try to combat the arrested development […]

TRAINING WHEELS Episode 2 is finally here!!! Watch via the link below… Training Wheels is a Portland-based, independent web-series, created by Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino. Mixing the live comedy jump-off of Seinfeld & Louie, with the arrested development of Workaholics & Broad City, TW follows the exploits of comedy writing partners Ross & Paladino, as they […]

Ladies and gentlemen… the pilot episode of Training Wheels; a comedy-series created by Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, in conjunction with filmmaker Tyler Bertram. In the grande tradition of Seinfeld, Training Wheels opens up with live comedy (the filming of a local, late-night talk show) and is a show about nothing, in our case, focused on people […]

2015 was a landmark year for musical guests on Who’s the Ross? as 60+ local artists joined us live on stage, and collaborated with THEM! THE BAND! Featuring Matt Johnston (keys), Tony Lintz (drums), and JP Downer (bass/bandleader), THEM! THE BAND! is the best band in late-night! Regardless of TV money, or horn sections, or celebrities […]

  WHO’S THE ROSS? presents… The 5th Annual TATAS FOR TOYS benefit 13 Sexy Dancers, 1 Great Cause! Sure you get invited to a lot of holiday parties…but how many of those parties feature 13 strippers helping to raise money so that children in need receive new toys this holiday season??? JUST ONE! It’s called […]

You better believe, I’m back…back in the (Who’s The) Ross Show Groove. It’s been a month since I came back from my one year hiatus. What do I see and feel now that I’m back? Well, there are some new folks hitting their heads on that low hanging, Dante’s green room ceiling. Andy Clark and […]

After a month of campaigning, several promo videos, and countless attempts to garner votes at our live show, today is the last day to vote for the Willamette Week’s “Best of Portland.”  We are honored to have been nominated for “Best Comedy Night” and myself up for “Best Comedian.” After 7 years of weekly performances, and […]

  Tuesday, June 16, Who’s the Ross? takes a 3 block field trip to the historic Star Theater, 9pm, for our “Beginning of Summer Spectacular!” Featuring our BIGGEST line-up of the year! NBA Player, Channing Frye from the Orlando Magic! Hip-Hop Artist, Rasheed Jamal! Land-Based Synchronized Swimmers, The Olivia Darlings! The Swimsuit Models of Amy […]