Trailblazer Legend Cliff Robinson’s Blazin’ Interview

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Cliff Robinson Puts the Blaze in Trailblazer…

If you told 10 year old me (who was was watching Cliff Robinson play against Michael Jordan in the 1992 NBA Finals) that I would interview the Portland Trailblazer’s Headbanded Hero 27 years later, he wouldn’t have believed you. If you told 10 year old me that I’d be interviewing Cliff Robinson live on my own talk show AND smoking weed on stage with him, 10 year old me would of been flabbergasted! (and disappointed that I was doing “drugs”).

“Dream come true” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of sitting down with the NBA All-Star that I admired growing up, and you can see it in the footage. It was a mutual admiration too, as Uncle Cliffy gave myself & our live audience at “WHO’S the ROSS?” his all, just like he did on the court, regaling us with candid stories + a delightful sense of humor, and lighting up the stage…literally!

Enjoy the following clips, featuring stories of how Cliff put the HIGH in Career-High, sweet favorite Trailblazer memories, epic NBA anecdotes any hoops head will love, his passion for cannabis law reform, all while donning his trademark headband.

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