“Comic-Con Special!” w/ Walter Koenig AKA Chekov from STAR TREK!

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…That’s the title of WALTER KOENIG‘s new book, and the focus of my interview with the legendary actor who played CHEKOV on STAR TREK!

Mr. Koenig was a delightfully good sport, as he granted us an in-depth interview about everything from his post-war childhood, “pimpin” college years, Star Trek casting, rabid fans at comic-cons, beef with Jimmy Kimmel, and his relationship with Bill Shatner. We even played a brand-new game tailor-made for Walter called “Nuclear Wessel or Weasel” which despite the assanine nature of the contest, Mr. Koenig turned into his own hilarious showcase of quickness & his rare wit.

I must say, it was such an incredible pleasure having Walter Koenig as a guesst on WHO’S the ROSS; a true career highlight! Never before have I interviewed someone with such a wealth of material to pull from, and it was thanks his honest, insightful, incredibly revealing new autobiography, which you can purchase, HERE!

And Ensign Chekov wasn’t alone this evening, as our “Comic-Con Special” also allowed us to nerd out with Muppet Babies Star MATT DANNER, Hilarious Stand-Up Comedian JOANN SCHINDERLE, plus Hollywood Spiderman, Puppy Baby Yoda, Ha-Han Solo & James T-Hee Kirk!

Watch the FULL EPISODE via the YouTube Video below, and enjoy the FUNNY FRONTIER known as WHO’S the ROSS?

And, you can enjoy these fabulous, exclusive photos from our resident photographer Jesse Koester


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