CORONABONAZ – The Full Quarantined Comedy Series

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CORONABONAZ – A Quarantined Comedy Series

To keep busy, sane & creative, Aaron Ross & Brian Koch used the quarantined summer of 2020 to make a short comedy series about the pandemic. Limited by resources, these two actors banded together to create a 7-part comedy series that touches on pandemic topics such as the toilet paper shortage, obsessive hand sanitizer use, awkward interactions with masks, the zoom boom, excruciating boredom, deflating unemployment calls, and using OnlyFans to supplement ones stifled income.

A year later, at the end of Summer 2021, we’re still dealing with so many of these issues, things we thought would be distant memories only 12 months ago. Below you can enjoy all seven Coronabonaz episodes. We hope you can have a laugh at the expense of the lighter-side of the pandemic, through the lens of two goofballs quarantined together, with nothing more than each other to lean on.


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