“Dante’s Finale” – Full Episode

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Not Just Another Show…

Friday, February 16, 2018 marked the final episode of “WHO’S the ROSS?” – Portland’s weekly late-night talk show. After ruling Tuesday nights at Dante’s for the past 4 years (8 of the last 10 overall) the “Comedy Buffet” Aaron Ross presided over for more than 700 episodes, received a proper send off, presented on a coveted weekend prime time slot.

For myself, the host, and the rest of my staff, we didn’t want to use this special evening as a victory lap, as much as we wanted to present a tribute to the fans who joined us week in & week out, plus the fantastic guests who regularly blessed our program with their incredible talents.

This was no bloated affair where we tried on encapsulate everything we had done over the past decade, nor a greatest hits…in a lot of ways it was just another show, presented with the same care we put into our regular Tuesday night spectacles. But there was something special in the air…and as a result there were plenty of memorable moments that will resonate in our hearts & funny bones for years to come.

It was a real treat to enjoy a rare unfiltered live chat with Portland legend/bread baron Dave Dahlwho has not only become my good friend over the years, but also a prospective bandmate (see: video below).

We presented some of our Classic Games such as “Rotten Tomatoes” & “Rapper/Not Rapper” which you can play along with at home. 

Our Sinferno compatriot Alice Wanderlust brought her hilarious mix of sexuality/pole acrobatics/prehistoric humor.

Live music, presented with a large dose of improv has been a pillar of our weekly entertainment, and this evening we super-sized our musical performance featuring some of PDX’s top hip-hop MCs including Rasheed Jamal, Mic Capes, Bocha, Nick B, + Bryson the Alien who combined forces for a one-of-a-kind cypher.

And of course, we had plenty of the high-jinx, wild times, and the silly lil pleasures that our live show is known for.

But there were no weepy goodbyes, just a wave, a smile, and a pressing desire to share what’s next.

In the meantime, it is with great pleasure that I present you with the entire episode of WHO’S the ROSS? “Dante’s Finale,” presented in digestible clips for your viewing entertainment!


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