“Dante’s Finale” – Reflection/Photo Essay

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Not a Victory Lap or a Tearful Goodbye…

WHO’S the ROSS? Final Episode at Dante’s was a showcase of how far Portland’s very own late-night talk show has come, and a window into its future down south.

So now that I alluded to it, let me confirm the rumor is true…… I am Edward Snowden.

Snowden Aaron Ross "Who's the Ross?" impression character parody funny comedy PDX Portland comedian improv sketch

JK, JK 😉 ….buuuuuuuuuuuut the OTHER rumor is true, I am moving down to a little suburb of Portland called Los Angeles. (Most of you are from there)

Yes, LA. And I can hear you saying it now… “Ross, you’re gonna hate LA!”

But I’m prepared for now Los Angeles is going to be different than Portland. Cause I know…

A. Instead of using an umbrella to shield myself from the rain, I’ll have to use an umbrella to shield my pasty, pasty skin from the sun.

B. Instead of having one good basketball team to root for, I’ll have two terrible teams to root for. (Triple Bs & lots of Ls, baby!)

C. And yes, the cost will be different, but paying less rent in LA will be refreshing! (Hollywood has nothing on Portland’s mastering of gentrification)

So listen, I have to move to LA. Not just for me, but for YOU (and my pocketbook). Because all the support you have given me of the years, I owe it to ALL of us to succeed, to be the World’s King of Late-Night, not just Portland’s.

But know that this was not my LAST SHOW….it was just the last show I will be getting paid in drink tickets & paying our house-band in butt plugs!

And I’ll never forget Portland, this is where I’m from, it will always be HOME. I just want to put Portland on the map!

Simpsons map

…and then turn Los Angeles into ROSS ANGELES!

So, after hundreds and hundreds of shows at our home base of Dante’s, it was a real treat to get a Friday Night Primetime Performance slot February 16, and give our fans something special.

The “Finale” featured a guest lineup consisting of close friends & favorites including The Bread Baron Dave Dahl (former owner of Dave’s Killer Bread), Pole Acrobat/Prehistoric Hottie Alice Wanderlust, plus some of Portland’s Finest Hip-Hop MCs: Rasheed Jamal, Mic Capes, Bocha, Nick B, and Bryson the Alien. Watch the entire episode HERE!!!

And now, please enjoy some joyous photos taken by Tom Chamberlain that give you a behind-the-scenes look/unique perspective on a performance that encapsulated a decade of laughs, risks, growth, and most importantly, being very, very silly night in and night out.


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