Father’s Day Special! – FULL EPISODE

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Ross Puts the LA in LAte-Night Talk Show…

Backed by a high-caliber house-band, litany of Hollywood guests, and surrounded by a welcoming audience, WHO’S the ROSS? didn’t skip a beat during its inaugural “Ross Angeles” episode at Molly Malone’s!!

With Father’s Day around the corner Portland’s Father of Late-Night” used his first show in LA to celebrate the #1 Dad’s alongside a Super-Sized Guest Lineup that included “The Party Starter” Comedian Darren Carter (Showtime, HBO, BET), Stripper/Author/Activist Kasey Koop (Playboy), Juggler/Comedian Michael Rayner, Chef/Comedienne/Crock Pot Queen Cheril Vendetti (Carol Burnett Show) & Musical Guest Bodacious Thang! Plus we got to enjoy an appearance from the “Father of Dad-Jokes” David Connolly + a brand-new edition of the movie-trivia drinking game “Rotten Tomatoes.”

Now Enjoy Highlights from WHO’S the ROSS? “Father’s Day Special” – then go grab your tickets to the JULY 10 episode of WTR @ Molly Malones, RIGHT HERE!!!

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