WHO’S the ROSS? FULL EPISODE w/ Danger Ehren, Hailee Lautenbach, + Blossom!

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A Jackass, a Model, and a Soul Singer walk into a bar…


That’s the setup for this week’s episode (#656) of WHO’S the ROSS? featuring a terrific guest lineup that was not only great in name, but in execution too!

Danger Ehren of Jackass TV/movie fame, LA model Hailee Lautenbach, and soul singer Blossom all provided exceptional interviews + performances on the program, and here is the full episode, cut into easily digestible clips, for  your viewing pleasure.

This was a unique week for us on WTR, as we had just come off filming for the Pickathon Music Festival, and only had one day to put this show together. To make it easier on ourselves, we created much of the material based on what we had done the previous week at the festival (Porta-Poty Roadie), and left the rest up to chance/improv. On the other hand, to make it harder on ourselves, we got extra ambitious by shooting our web-series TRAINING WHEELS before, during, and after this live show, using Ehren’s appearance as a chance to recreate one of his previous wild interviews on the program (see: beer zip-line headbutting) for TW.

I must say, this was one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done (beautiful models & singers tend to make my job easier), and I hope you enjoy it too!

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