WHO’S the ROSS? – FULL EPISODE w/ GRIMM Star Jacqueline Toboni + The Lower 48!

Jacqueline Toboni Grimm star actress Aaron Ross comedian comedy talk show late-night PDX Portland Who's the Ross?

It’s amazing how social media can connect us …or how it can even book a talk show!

Needless to say, I was impressed, when a fan’s tweet brought Grimm star Jacqueline Toboni to our stage, August 16. It all began, after her co-star Silas Mitchell Weir was on our program earlier this summer, and one of our staff members tweeted that more Grimm stars should guest on WHO’S the ROSS? Seems like a million to one shot… but lo and behold, it actually worked!

And Jacqueline was more than Trubel, as she delighted our studio audience, and was full of surprises! Paired with one of PDX’s finest bands The Lower 48, we proudly present you with WTR EP 657! Enjoy!

Jacqueline Toboni Grimm star actress fan Aaron Ross Who's the Ross? live comedy comedian Portland PDX talk show late-night

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