“Homecoming Special” – FULL EPISODE

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WHO’S the ROSS? “Homecoming Special” – Post-Show Team Photo


Portland’s King of Late-Night returned to the Rose City & his old stomping grounds at Dante’s on JUNE 28 for a HOMECOMING SPECIAL” of WHO’S the ROSS? that had audiences cheering “SIS BOOM BOSS! ROSS! ROSS! ROSS!” 

Sensational Specials Guests such as Portland Diamond Project’s Managing Director Mike Barrett, Purrsonal Finance Expert Lillian Karabaic, Indie-Folk Star Maiah Wynne, and The Cupcake Girls brought Baseball, Cat Cash Knowledge, a Fairy-Like Musical Wonderment, and Treats + Sex Worker Advocacy to the stage.

And not only did we have an epic lineup of guests prepped for the crowd, but 5 months off gave us plenty of time to present a full-on Pep-Rally & Parade to celebrate the special occasion, featuring Puppies, Bunnies, Freaky Mascots, Sexy Cheerleaders, a Bombastic Beerleader, Guitartender & Celebrity Guests!

Now you can relive the fun & wild times via a series of easily digestible clips that comprise the entire full episode of WHO’S the ROSS? “HOMECOMING SPECIAL!” Enjooooooooooy!!!

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