Levi Powell…Hungry For More!

Levi Powell Who's the Ross Portland PDX comedy comedian late-night talk show

You better believe, I’m back…back in the (Who’s The) Ross Show Groove. It’s been a month since I came back from my one year hiatus. What do I see and feel now that I’m back?

Well, there are some new folks hitting their heads on that low hanging, Dante’s green room ceiling. Andy Clark and Michael Robert have joined the writing and acting crew. Question: What do Andy and Mike and a Jalepeno at the show have in common? Answer: All three of them make the show hotter and spicier. These dudes are talented, hilarious, and gorgeous.

Last year I used to think to myself, “Them The Band is a perfect 10/10.” Somehow they’ve gotten even better. It’s like in cartoons when the thermometer gets so hot, the little ball on the top explodes. If they were a wrestling move, they’d be “The Brainbuster”. I’m so happy to see these three geniuses are still a part of Tuesday nights.

On a quick side note, Sara Brown is able to expertly apply make up to the host of the show, and for dealing with that level of pale, she deserves recognition.

Then, there is that familiar group of writers and performers I have known for so long. Rob “The Free Throw Guy” Ems is still announcing the show, and I still drop what I’m doing to watch him enchant a crowd. Caws Pobi has added to his already immense buffet of characters, and continues to display his range of talents.

That brings us to the dynamic duo. The head writer Jordan Paladino, and the host Aaron Ross. Still painstakingly “cooking the rice” for that delicious Tuesday Night “Paella” they share with all of us (Paella is a metaphor for the show and a delicious Spanish rice dish). Not only are they laying down the meat and potatoes every week, they are adding their own combination of 11+ herbs and spices to keep us laughing each and every show!

So, how do I squeeze myself back in to this smorgasbord of silly? We’re going to get really out there with this metaphor folks, so bear with me. I like to see myself as a buttercream frosting. I bring myself every week and openly allow myself to be put into a piping bag. I am told how I’m going to be applied to the cake, I pick from one of my assorted decorative tips, and let the process extrude me wherever I am needed. It’s such an awesome feeling to be surrounded by artists I respect so much, have them tell me they like the way I taste, and then happily dribble my frosty goodness all over the place. There is no way I would rather be handled.

I’m aware of all the food references I “sprinkled” in there. It’s partly because I’m hungry, but it’s mainly because once you remember the taste of Tuesday nights, you’re always hungry for more! Tony!

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