Comedy of Champions!! (FULL EPISODE)

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Go for the Gold in these Giggle Games! 

Champions rise to the occasion, so it’s no surprise that team “WHO’S the ROSS?” dug down deep during their“Winter Olympics Special” raising the bar for this talk show filmed live in a bar!

The celebratory drinks were flowing long before victory was achieved, as Chino Lee of PDX ICE brought the Ice Drinking Luge to honor the 2018 Winter Olympics host country by presenting the “Korean Drinking Olympics!”

The good times kept rolling…literally…as The Evergreen Curling Club presented a tutorial for their classic Winter Olympic Game (adapted to the bar setting).

Super-bendy/super-strong contortionist Meg Russell put the team (and host) on her back with an exhilarating performance, and then stole the show by curling with her feet…done in a back-bend…OVER HER HEAD!!!

And a Portland legend, former News Anchor Stephanie Stricklen, regaled the audience with stories from her SEVEN Olympic Games…and how she challenged Kobe Bryant?!

Now, you can go for the gold and enjoy this classic episode of Portland’s very own late-night talk show…

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