Ross City Comedy Con – FULL EPISODE

Aaron Ross Who's the Ross? late-night talk show PDX Portland comedy comedian sketch improv Dante's Neil Stryker Tyrant of Time Aubrey Debauchery Elvis puppetry puppet goblin space future

This was a night of many surprises…

A street performer/karaoke legendary bringing the audience to their knees, then back up again for a standing applause, a shy musical guest making our host blush with stories akin to her namesake, and a DIY film crew being upstaged by a foul-mouthed, crass, horny goblin puppet.

When you as the writer and host of a show see none of this coming, despite being in control of the show’s content, it’s a very pleasant surprise. These surprises only accentuated the fine talent we were working with this evening, and they are showcased in the full episode, presented¬†below¬†in the following clips. Enjoy! (I know I did.)

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