Talkin “IN LIVING COLOR” w/ Funnyman & Fly Guy…

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Talkin “IN LIVING COLOR” w/ Cast Member CARL BANKS & Fly Guy SLIMKID3 of The Pharcyde…

WHO’S the ROSS? late-night talk show had the distinct pleasure of interviewing two incredible talents who were both a part of IN LIVING COLOR, the highly-influential sketch comedy show on Fox in the early 90’s.

CARL BANKS acted on the final season of IN LIVING COLOR, and was blindsided as the show came to a close, despite it still having a cast featuring two future Oscar Nominees! SLIMKID3 was not only a FLY GUY (?!), beginning his career dancing on the program, but came back a couple years later to perform on the show with his legendary hip-hop group THE PHARCYDE.

Both shared unique perspective and incredible stories about their times on IN LIVING COLOR, and now you can enjoy these two interviews, back-to-back.

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