The Wizard of Rozz – Show Notes

Who's the Ross? Wizard of Rozz Scarecrow Tin Man Lion Toto


There’s no place like home!

And home is Dante’s. For all of its idiosyncrasies, it’s the place where I cut my teeth, where I performed hundreds of shows since 2008. It’s got the best stage, best staff, and worst bathrooms. We love it!

Being back after a month of performances at The Kit Kat Club gave us new inspiration, and that inspired us to create a musical parody of The Wizard of Oz, which we aptly titled “The Wizard of Rozz.” Detailing our journey back “home,” we presented a rag tag, energetic, community-theater style monologue, that was a love letter to our humble abode. We even had a tiny dog named Ruby play the classic role of Toto, cause why would you not have a cute little dog garner you extra attention on stage and plenty of “awwwwwws”? (and regardless what they say about performing with children and animals, Lil Ruby was the consummate professional!)

This show was for us; for the staff, the performers, writers, and our friends. I got to geek out about classic hip-hop with local legend Vursatyl. I spoke to my fellow talk show host and Wilson High class of 2000 grad Boaz Frankel about our old theater teacher. And one of my best friends, the naturally hilarious Bobby Mickey (my original co-host who helped me get my start in this talk show game) & I got to reminisce about touring to small towns where he made out with “Silver Hairs” A. cause he loved older women, and B. because they’d buy him a sandwich.

It was a perfect night. A perfect return.

-Aaron Ross




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