THXgiving Special!

Who's the Ross? improv sketch Dante's Aaron comedian comedy Portland PDX late-night talk show performance

Be thankful for what Who’s the Ross? is giving you Tuesday, Nov 24, 10pm at Dante’s as we’re serving up a fantastic guest lineup w/ our THXgiving Special! 

Featuring the Chicago Bulls in-game host, comedian Marz Timms! Mr. Timms is one of my comedy idols, as the founder member and leader of the best improv troupe EVER… PIMPROV!

Plus we have special musical guest Justin Chase sitting in with house-band “THEM! THE BAND!” who will be playing some tunes from his group Rare Diagram, World Famous Magician Reed McClintock, and NYC stand-up comedian Francesca Day! Check them out below, plus a classic R&BBQ slow roast jam from Snoop Dogg’s Uncle Reo, who improvised the first every sexy Thanksgiving song, GRAVY GIRL!

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