Top Musical Guests of 2015

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2015 was a landmark year for musical guests on Who’s the Ross? as 60+ local artists joined us live on stage, and collaborated with THEM! THE BAND!

Featuring Matt Johnston (keys), Tony Lintz (drums), and JP Downer (bass/bandleader), THEM! THE BAND! is the best band in late-night! Regardless of TV money, or horn sections, or celebrities sitting-in, these three men do something that no other television program does: EVERY SINGLE WEEK they back a new artist, from genres across the board, for a pair of original tunes, presenting what I like to call (as the host) my ultimate live mixtape!

And as WTR hit its 7th year, our web spread out all across the Portland music scene, helping us to introduce our audience to a fantastic collection of artists new and established artists. I not only want to thank THEM! for their hard work in collaboration, but the artists themselves for taking a leap of faith, and letting our house-band be the backbone to their exceptional music, in this incredibly unique aural experience.

2016 will find WTR collaborating with plenty our favorite musical guests, and even more new artists that we’ve yet to feature. In the meantime, here are my 10 favorite musical performances from WTR in 2015…

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