TRAINING WHEELS – “Premiere Party”

Training Wheels - LD scene

FEB 10, 9PM at the STAR THEATER, come witness the premiere of TRAINING WHEELS a TV Pilot created by “Who’s the Ross?” writers Jordan Paladino & Aaron Ross. In collaboration with filmmaker Tyler Bertram, Training Wheels is a story about two broke-ass man-children looking to achieve greatness in the comedic arts. Similar to Seinfeld, each episode opens with live comedy (in this case, a local late-night talk show), but instead of just being a show about nothing, it’s also a show about people with nothing.

The premiere will feature the first screening of the pilot, a Q&A with the writers/actors/director, plus special musical guests (also featured in the pilot) Nathan Baumgartner of And And And + a hip hop set by Caws Pobi. Enjoy their music + several scenes/outtakes from the first episode, below.

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