TRAINING WHEELS EP1-3 – Streaming Now!!!

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Training Wheels is a Portland-based sitcom, following the escapades of comedians Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, as they search for success on stage…while struggling through “adult life.”

Inspired by the real life of Ross & Paladino, Training Wheels’ stars are the creators of “WHO’S the ROSS?” a late-night talk show, presented just like their idols Letterman, Conan, & Colbert…but in a Rose City bar, instead of a TV studio.

Each episode begins on stage during a taping of WTR, then follows our stars on haphazard dates, to wild parties, on misguided shopping trips, bad job interviews, plenty of soul searching/rejection, and the occasional writing session “in da club.” Ya know, just the average day in life of an aspiring actor/comedian!

Please enjoy these first three episodes of Training Wheels….and know that episode four is just around the corner!


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