TRAINING WHEELS Episode 2 – Premiere Party!

Training Wheels bike pic PDX Portland bicycle comedy comedian talk show web series Aaron Ross "Who's the Ross?"

MAY 24, 9PM at THE STAR THEATER come watch the show about the show while watching the show…MEANING you can catch a full live episode of “Who’s the Ross?” AND the premiere of the 2nd episode of TRAINING WHEELS! 

Training Wheels is a web-series that mixes the live comedy jump-off of Seinfeld & Louie with the arrested development of Workaholics & Broad City.

Who’s the Ross? late-night talk show will feature brand-new comedy, music, and a performance by hip-hop artist/TW co-star Rasheed Jamal!

Now, enjoy a few previews of TW Ep2, plus the pilot episode, so you’re up to date…


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