TRAINING WHEELS – The Complete Comedy Series

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Netflix & Ross…

Over the past 3 years, Aaron Ross & his writing partner Jordan Paladino have worked tirelessly to create a sitcom based on their real-life adulting adventures called TRAINING WHEELS.

Each episode starts live on stage as they shoot for the moon during a performance of their ambitious talk show¬†“WHO’S the ROSS?”, then follows these two masters of less-than-none as they stumble back down on Earth through a life enabled by arrested development.

Now, the entire series is available for your streaming pleasure, including a brand-new 30-min Finale, that caps off the show with a bang!

And the Portland Press has taken notice too, as the WWeek & Mercury both recently gave favorable reviews to the series.

So, do your funny bone a favor, and binge on all ten hilarious episodes of TRAINING WHEELS, right here…

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