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You’re Going To LOVE This Show!

WHO’S the ROSS? Celebrated Valentine’s Day live at EL CID with 3 Pornstars, 3 Comedians, a Beautiful Songstress, Wild Boylesque Dancer, and a Packed House Full of Delighted Audience Members!

Below, you can watch the Full Episode, featuring a Super-Sized Lineup Designed with LOVE, including Pornstars RILEY NIXON, OLIVE GLASS & SILVIA SAIGE playing the Porn-Themed Game-Show “WIN, LOSE, OR PORN!” Comedians KAREN RONTOWSKI, BILLY WAYNE DAVIS & ERIN DEWEY LENNOX, Singer/Songwriter KING KLIO, and Boylesque Performer DEREK MCALISTER.

And as a bonus, enjoy live show photos from our resident photography Jesse Koester, plus a new “man on the street” video where The Ross looks for love on Hollywood Blvd, armed with his charm, wit & a few cans of Pringles.

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