Staff Appreciation


To celebrate Labor Day, I want to give a big thanks to the team behind The Ross that helps give birth to a brand-new episode of WHO’S the ROSS? talk show, each & every week at EL CID in Silverlake.

For starters, there’s our next level house-band SCOTTIE & THE TWO HOTTIES, featuring band-leader SCOTT WITTENBERG, gracious guitar god NATE RICH, and our ace of bass NICK CISNEROS. And since this is a weekly production, you’d be smart to have a strong bench, that’s why the first person we call when we need a sub on the drums is our 6th-Man, JULIAN HO.

No late-night band has a singer, let alone resident soulstress, like CHEYENNE JOLENE, who not only opens the show by melting faces & hearts, but is also frequently worked into bits because of her talent, grace &  beauty.

Then there’s the lone holdover from our Portland days, a man that’s been with us for over 500 shows, producer/announcer/bit player when you need a loooooooooot of energy, ROB EMS!

Since February 2019, WHO’S the ROSS? has been co-written & co-hosted by the hysterical, giving, sweet sweet stand-up comedian, DAX JORDAN. An Oregon transplant, he & Ross met back in 2003 when Mr Jordan was slaying the local comedy scene, and was kind enough to befriend a wiry, wild, whiteboy named Aaron. (Additional shout-out to staff writer Seth L’azear, who began writing for the show in June 2019…no photo available)

WHO’S the ROSS? is also lucky enough to have a wonderful rotating squad of acting talent that graces our stage when called upon, including SAHARA THOMPSON, ANDY ROSSI, and MADISON SHANLEY.

We’d also like to shout-out all the behind-the-scenes members of the team, including our long-time sound-guy RICHARD HAWKINS, El Cid’s resident sound bad-ass BRYAN EVANSGILL, our video squad of JARIUS FABIAN & NATHAN MIGUEL from LUCKI AIKI, and last, but not least, the talented man who shot all these beautiful/expressive photos, JESSE KOESTER.

Finally, thank you to the staff & management of EL CID, for giving our late-night talk show a weekly home, and for taking care of us every Tuesday night! CHEERS!

And if you’d like to see the team in action, here are a couple full episodes of WTR streamed live, to whet your whistle…

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